Françoise Hardy “Vibrations” 1988

Sometimes, when life just gets a bit much, I pull myself up and say…dude, you wrote a song with Françoise Hardy

One of the demos I’d given to Etienne Daho a couple of years previously was a song called Days of Heaven. He wasn’t feeling it for himself but when Françoise Hardy was looking for songs for her album Décalages he passed it on to her and she penned new lyrics for it. And that’s how I came to write a song with Françoise Hardy.

During the preparation of Arnold’s album I was invited to the studio in Paris where she was recording. Some readers may not be altogether astonished to hear that I made an ass of myself. I was nervous, starstruck, very probably over refreshed. Françoise, of course, was all elegance and cordiality. She handed me a Fender Stratocaster, casually mentioning that she had borrowed it from her husband Jacques Dutronc, at which point I nearly dropped the thing. Most embarrassingly, I had hardly played guitar for 2 years and was completely unable to play my own song. Luckily the unfailing Xavier “Tox” Geronimi was there, and gave me that look given by natives of Brittany to convey “I got this”.

2 thoughts on “Françoise Hardy “Vibrations” 1988

  1. Les Spoutniks April 9, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    Je suis ravi que vous évoquiez Xavier “Tox” Géronimi. Dans la pop française, il y a bien sûr , les chanteurs puis sans oublier les compositeurs mais il y a aussi les musiciens qui marquent comme certains guitaristes. Et Geronimi est de ceux là. Il a un brillant jeu de guitare, très pop, subtil, virevoltant et inspiré. il peut jouer aussi bien une musique expérimentale que des arrangements très classiques. Et il a fait également de bonnes compositions pour Daho. Je l’ai rencontré une fois lors d’un concert dans un bar où il jouait. j’avais vraiment tenu à le complimenter pour son talent de guitariste. Avec sa guitare, Il apporte beaucoup dans toutes ces chansons dont certaines sont devenues des hits.


  2. ricoconning April 11, 2015 / 5:04 am

    Je suis heureux que Tox soit tellement estimé, et je veux dire que j’aime très bien le mot “virevoltant”…


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