Etienne Daho “Double Zéro Et l’Infini” 1991

I only recently discovered this video that Etienne made for the last (to date) of our co-compositions. Pretty darn good I reckon.

Front 242 “Gripped By Fear (Bunker Mix)” 1991

This mix was the last one I did before the big move to sunny Southern California. Obviously somewhat influenced by the first Gulf War that was raging at the time, it’s also an interesting summary of all of the styles I’d worked on in the previous 8 years.

Odile “Reste Avec Moi” 1990

Another classy song from Odile Arias, this time going out as a solo artist. They really should have made a video clip.

A fortuitous delay in the arrival of some tapes meant we had time to record the excellent instrumental Monghi. You are again directed to the box set from Undo Records which includes all of the recordings from this period.

The accompanying video isn’t the best sound quality; I’ll replace it when I can.