William Orbit “The Story of Light” 1991

A trip back to the UK to sort out my visa proved fortuitous, in that I got to join in the sessions for the classic William Orbit album Strange Cargo III, then in full swing up at Crouch End.

Of course, the best known track from this album is Water From A Vine Leaf, featuring the very wonderful Beth Orton, back when she was just a slip of a girl.

I played on three songs: A Touch Of The NightTime To Get Wize and this one, featuring the classic Roland JD800 in all of its glory.

This post was fun to research due to the wonderful proliferation of amateur videos set to William’s music, and quite a few set to this song. I chose this clip but it’s worth  researching further. Kudos to all you content creators out there.


Front 242 “Gripped By Fear (Bunker Mix)” 1991

This mix was the last one I did before the big move to sunny Southern California. Obviously somewhat influenced by the first Gulf War that was raging at the time, it’s also an interesting summary of all of the styles I’d worked on in the previous 8 years.