Sega “Bearded Lady”, “Morgue” 1994

More mid 90s craziness, this time from director Kinka Usher. Bearded Lady was particularly interesting to work on. The set comprised a real fairground which was constructed next to a power station near Long Beach. Unusually, I was allowed to visit the set to record some on-location sound. This shit is real, yo!

Centura Bank “Couch”, “Pool”, “Adirondack” 1994

Ah, the mid 90s. The information age was dawning, GenX was roaring, young advertising “creatives” were given all manner of leeway to express themselves. Nobody wants to be Dylan’s Mr Jones, right? Certainly not the good folks at Centura Bank, who allowed talented young director Kevin Donovan to direct these spots the way he wanted to. A wackier bunch of ads has surely never been produced in the interests of promoting an august financial institution.

Cancer Control “Boneheads” 1994

I have a couple of announcements to make. Firstly, I’m back from France, the concerts were great, and I’d like to extend a big merci to all of those who attended or participated in any way.

Secondly, you may have noticed a new button at the top of this page. This will transport you to Rico Services, a new portal through which you may hire me for your mixing, mastering and other audio, writing or drum robot needs. Tell everybody you know about it.

Now allow me to whisk you back to 1994, when this cool public service announcement, out of Maryland if I remember rightly, was produced here in LA, with your gunslinging sound designers M62 in charge of the soundtrack. Keep off the tabs, kids!

Fila “Graffiti” 1994

Before we get to today’s feature I must pay homage to the greatest drummer of our time (in my opinion) who was suddenly taken from us a few days ago. I refer of course to Jaki Liebezeit, who has joined his colleague Michael Karoli in that place of infinite and eternal creativity.

This commercial for Fila won an International Monitor Award  for sound design. I still have it but it needs a spot of glue so here’s a generic one:

It was directed by Gore Verbinski, who went on to a lucrative career making pirate movies inspired by a popular Disneyland attraction.