Dogfeet “Thames Tongue Remix” 2015

Here’s a fairly recent mix which has just become available, from young guns-about-town Dogfeet. Their front man, the multitalented Jamie Cripps, was tragically lost to us a couple of years ago. This youngster could do it all…write, sing, paint, perform, and he was a kickass drummer to boot. His death left a very deep wound.

The band have soldiered on though and their live show is thoroughly recommended.

Download the track from their Bandcamp page and thrill to the widescreen savagery of Dogfeet!

Season’s Greetings 2015

Some readers may recall the percussion installation I put together for the William Orbit presentation at the LEAF festival in London a couple of years ago. Last year I used some elements of that installation to put together a seasonal song medley, so I thought I’d post it here as a way of wishing all of my readers the very happiest of holidays and the very best of new years.