Erasure “Like Zsa Zsa Gabor” 1988

I don’t know why, but this B-side remix, the last I did for Erasure, is the one of theirs that I love the most. It certainly isn’t the most ambitious; I liked the song so much I mainly just dubbed it up and grooved it out, and as always I am firmly of the opinion that my mix kicks the original’s ass.

A funny thing happened during this session. Realizing I’d left something important at home, I flagged a cab and ran back there, to find a gang of youths in the process of burgling my apartment. The element of surprise was on my side and they all jumped out the window as I burst in (it was a ground floor flat). With no time to assess the damage I battened down the hatches and returned to the session. Coincidentally this song seems to feature the sound of a window breaking.