Total Contrast “Sunshine” 1984

When I said this blog would be “mostly chronological” I think I knew I’d have to retrace my steps at times, and so it is with this track by Robin Achampong and Delroy Murray, which I remembered after looking through some old work tapes.

This isn’t my mix but I worked on this track a lot, and I think it might even go back to the old 8-track days of Guerilla. We weren’t just about post modern post punk industrial whatever, we were a working studio and we did a fair bit of mainstream R’n B, especially at the more electronic end of the spectrum.

Robin and Delroy were two of the hardest working guys around, holding down day jobs and booking graveyard shifts at studios around town, and ultimately it paid off when they made #1 on the US Hot Dance Music Chart in 1985. I don’t know much about them since then, except that they put together the oufit Tongue ‘n’ Cheek in the late 80s.