Coil “The Anal Staircase (Dionysian Mix)” 1986

Oh to spend a day with Sleazy and John, sipping tea, talking of many things, and all the while mixing the most evil slab of sound ever to emanate from the looming Electrovoice speakers at Guerilla Studio.

I speak of course of the late great Peter Christopherson and John Balance, multimedia polymaths both, Peter being a former member of Throbbing Gristle and at that time one of the most sought after directors of TV commercials and music videos.

This mix was done on a beautiful summer day, the studio door open and the birds singing in the trees of Little Venice.

Guerilla Studio


In 1982 after completing the second album by my band The Lines I began engineering in a small electronic music suite called Guerilla Studio (pictured above circa 1984). The studio had been put together by my friends (and colleagues to this day) William Orbit and Laurie Mayer, who had started a band called Torch Song.

At first a modest 8-track, after the band got their record deal a bunch of high-end gear was leased and the 24-track Guerilla Studio was born. With the equipment upgrade a new class of clientele began to frequent the studio.