Odile “Reste Avec Moi” 1990

Another classy song from Odile Arias, this time going out as a solo artist. They really should have made a video clip.

A fortuitous delay in the arrival of some tapes meant we had time to record the excellent instrumental Monghi. You are again directed to the box set from Undo Records which includes all of the recordings from this period.

Vienna “Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher” 1988

Mute France had opened their doors and one of the first signings was this trio from France’s industrial heartland, fronted by the lovely and talented Odile Arias.

I met up with them in Paris and then recorded this single during a break in the recording of Arnold’s album in Belgium. I just think this is a really great song. Longtime Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos did a version of it that can be heard on the excellent Vienna retrospective set from Undo Records.

I don’t think a video was made for Pour Ne Pas Me Toucher but here’s a cool one they made a couple of years earlier.