Laibach “Die Liebe” 1985

Enter the Slovenians, striding down Blomfield Road in their…alpine hunting outfits, right? Isn’t that what they said?

Laibach came in to mix their Nova Akropola album and everywhere they went heads were scratched in befuddlement. They’d turn up bleeding in their lederhosen or whatever, having just been beat up on the tube ride over, and you were tempted to say, well what did you expect? But these boys really did have the balls to live their art, having survived the suicide of their first singer, the imprisonment of their manager, and a lot of general harassment at the hands of the authorities in the dying years of Tito’s communist republic.

The audio collages of Nova Akropola were some of the most striking and beautiful I’d heard. I often think of this as their last “pure” album before they got Mute’s legal team and the cultural appropriation began in earnest.

Anyway we got on well and somehow I got to mix this track. I think it still sounds pretty damn good. There was also a rather lovely “female version” called Germania that was later released as the B-side of the Life is Life single. This was a collaboration with Graeme Revell of SPK and his wife Sinan Leong, with more vocals subsequently added by a local Slovenian girl, I think her name was Melania…