Nike “Aerialism” 1992

Now that Book One of this story is done (although there will be addenda) I thought I’d give you a preview of Book Two, before putting things on hold for a while.

In 1992, against the billowing smoky backdrop of the LA riots, I met a mad mancunian genius called Michael Cook, and we started a company specializing in sound design for TV commercials. We did very well for a while, were award-winning even.

This part of my life has been preserved in the form of several boxes filled with digital betamax tapes (and one broken award), which must be dubbed and organized, and I’m going to get right on that as soon as I return from Europe, honest. In the meantime here’s a taster, courtesy of YouTube.

This spot is typical of the output of Portland ad agency Wieden and Kennedy in 1992, on behalf of their main client Nike. It does a clever job of sending up the overly philosophical waxings of some sports commentators, while at the same time operating in a cool universe of its own making. This clip was directed by none other than David Fincher.

OK readers, I’m off to revolutionize French Pop once again…see you on the other side mes braves!